The Madness of March

John Tenniel Alice's mad tea party
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I have been so busy lately that I barely had time to read that book How to Get Things Done without Trying Too Hard. So I’m just trying one idea at a time, at the moment I’m taking the advice: Have a routine. Richard Templar notes that upon the arrival of his eldest child implementing a routine made something chaotic a little more manageable: juggling working at home with a new baby. So I’m going to plan my week and make a schedule. Actually my best friend is a school teacher so she already drafted me a timetable using MS Word! I just have to fill it in…

But at the end of March a temporary contract comes to an end which will free me up to take on just one new client. I don’t want to over-stretch myself again. If you were thinking of outsourcing your blogging, copywriting, admin or social media to free up some of your time then check out my business services page. Then we can talk about starting things off in April.

After the madness of March I’m going to use that book a bit more to make things work like clockwork so that I’m all calm and organised in April!

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